Sales Representative

We are currently looking for 1 highly motivated sales representative to join our team for the position of Insurance Sales Representative.


Job Description

The Insurance Sales Representative is a commission-based position.  You will be responsible for outside sales which includes lead generation, development of pipeline, creating referral sources, and maintaining relationships with existing clients.  This is an exciting opportunity in which you earn commissions year after year.  You will need to manage your own time.


Why Insurance

  • Job security – everyone needs it!
  • Recession-proof industry
  • Renewals


Why Aspen Ridge Insurance

  • Work remotely
  • Flexibility as long as desired results are obtained
  • Full access to many carriers, including Erie, Openly, North American, Principal, Progressive, Safeco, and Travelers
  • The opportunity to learn from successful agents.  We have been there and done it.  If you will listen and work hard, you WILL succeed!
  • Unlimited Income Potential – Ability to earn 6-figure income within 5 years


What our Employees say

  • It feels like a family working together.
  • There is always room for growth & more learning — Joel is always very patient & willing to teach!
  • I feel appreciated and that I matter.
  • Joel listens.
  • Integrity is strictly implemented which fulfills something inside me, and I know I am in the right place, and I want to grow here professionally.
  • They respect my personal time. I love that I am not being forced to choose between family event and going to work (i.e., overtime during weekend/holidays).
  • I feel at peace while working. I don’t have this “I need to finish this just to get through the day” kind of feeling.
  • Learning is constant. Almost every day, I learn things that gives me challenge.
  • You understand the importance of family life outside of work.
  • You are experienced and ethical with how you run your business.
  • You understand that teamwork is important, and you urge us to work as a team.
  • You are easy to talk too
  • I like the platforms and systems that you use.  They are user friendly and that is SUPER important.  I’m not constantly aggravated with them.



  • 2 years sales experience preferred
  • Be results-driven and enjoy a fast paced/competitive environment that will afford you the opportunity to strive in a commission-based field
  • Marketing experience with Social Media is a plus
  • Education: minimum of high-school diploma or equivalent
  • Willing to submit to a background check and personality test
  • Obtain insurance license (at agency’s expense) within 60 days of hire date
  • Able to work from home office in a quiet environment
  • Non-negotiables:
    • Honest & Trustworthy
    • Track record of success
    • PMA – positive mental attitude
    • Able to figure things out
    • Motivated / Enthusiastic
    • Well-organized
    • Coachable (able to accept criticism without making excuses and commit to improving)!!  If you are not willing to follow our systems and guidance, we cannot work together.
    • Technology oriented / Computer literate
    • Good communication skills
    • Attention to detail



  • Able to deal with difficult and stressful situations in a calm and professional manner
  • Be responsive and proactive with an ability to prioritize workflow
  • Able to process, analyze, and respond to large amounts of information quickly
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and trustworthiness
  • Be reliable, a team player, and communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
  • Proficient with computers and able to learn new software
  • Be ready to have fun and celebrate success!
  • Be actively involved in your community
  • Successfully solicit new business and provide first rate service to retain your book of business


This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is

  • People-oriented – enjoys interacting with people
  • Coachable – able to take instruction and correction with a good attitude
  • Adaptable/flexible – enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Achievement-oriented – enjoys taking on challenges, even if they might fail
  • Autonomous/independent – enjoys working with little direction
  • The type of individual who understands that their success depends on their effort – your income is driven by skills, effort, and time commitment
  • Has a large natural market – a lot of people know you in a favorable way



If you can commit to and live with the following principles, then you are the type of person who will be successful and help our company thrive.  If you feel this level of engagement is not right for you or that you’re unwilling or unable to participate with us at this level, we are not a good fit for you.

We understand that not every person is ready for this level of performance, and we appreciate the honesty of those who decide this is not the right place for them.  On the other hand, you would make an ideal candidate to join our company if you are willing to commit to the following Above the Line principles:

  • Accountability: See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It
  • Become part of the solution
  • Respect for others and their feelings
  • Ask the questions: “What coaching do you have for me? And “What can I do better?”
  • Personal ownership and pride


How to Apply

  • If you are interested in this opportunity, please call 888-GO-ASPEN for more information

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